EL FULK: Transforming Public Administration

At G8T Solutions S.A.R.L, we present EL FULK الفُلك, a cutting-edge digital transformation solution tailored for public and local administrations. Step into the future of administrative efficiency, transparency, and citizen engagement with EL FULK.

Workflow Management

Streamline Procedures Effortlessly

EL FULK introduces advanced automation of administrative workflows, optimizing organizational frameworks for heightened efficiency and streamlined hierarchical structures.

Budgeting 2
Budgeting 3
Budgeting 4
Budgeting 5
Budgeting 6
Budgeting 7
Budgeting 8


Budget Formulation & Execution

Experience comprehensive budget preparation and execution, ensuring fiscal responsibility, compliance, and transparent financial reporting.


Efficient Transaction Management

The Transactions Module encompasses all incoming, outgoing, and municipal mail transactions. It allows attachment and validation of required documents, auto-populates forms, and provides insightful charts and reports for efficient administration.

Document management 1
Document management 2

Document Management System

Go Paperless with Document Management

Embrace a paperless environment with our Document Management System Module. Scan, upload, and categorize documents, utilize version control, and easily search for documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


Administrative Module

Optimize administrative processes, enhance interdepartmental coordination, and ensure regulatory compliance for heightened productivity.

Document management 2
Document management 2
Document management 2
Document management 2
Document management 2
Document management 2
Document management 2
Document management 2
Document management 2
Document management 2
Document management 2

Human Resources

Streamlined HR Administration

Efficiently manage municipal employees with the Human Resources Module. Handle administrative and financial transactions, vacations, schedules, grades, and more. Benefit from automatic journal voucher generation and interactive calendar features.

Human Resources 1
Human Resources 2


Healthcare & Complaints Management

Manage health services and complaints efficiently, with a mobile application for field surveying and quality assurance forms for inspections.

Vehicles Maintenance

Vehicles Maintenance Made Easy

Streamline repair orders and inspection reports, track work in progress (WIP), and ensure quality assurance for maintenance procedures.


Transparent Financial Management

Achieve transparency in public funds management with our integrated Accounting Module. Generate auto journal vouchers, manage special treasury accounts, and ensure compliance with decree 6390.

Interactive Map View

Visualize Data with Interactive Maps

Leverage GIS data and connect administrative and financial modules with our Interactive Map View Module. Visualize property-related data, track collector routes, access archived data, and benefit from multitasking within the platform.

E Services Mobile


Enhance Citizen Services

Enhance citizen services through our e-Services Module. Provide SMS notifications, enable online orders and license requests, offer transparency on document requirements and legal periods, and facilitate online payments with electronic receipts.


Efficient Procurement Solutions

Ensure ISO procurement process compliance with our Procurement Module. Manage requisitions, track items from purchase to delivery, and streamline RFQ processes with decision support systems for cost-effective choices.

Inventory Management

Optimal Inventory Control

Take control of inventory with the Inventory Management Module. Define items and units of measure, perform inventory adjustments, and access detailed reports. Integrate with purchasing and project modules for comprehensive inventory control.


Manage Municipal Projects Seamlessly​

Effectively manage municipal projects with our Projects Module. Define projects, allocate labor and rates, and monitor project progress, time, and materials.

Your Digital Transformation Solution

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