Empowering Your Vision, Delivering Excellence

At G8T Solutions S.A.R.L, we are more than just a software engineering company; we are the architects of innovative solutions that transform businesses. With a legacy spanning over a decade, our journey began with a vision to reshape industries through cutting-edge technology.

Philip Fares, Founder & CEO

Founded by Philip Fares, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for technology, our company has been on a relentless pursuit of excellence since its inception. What started as a small team of tech enthusiasts has evolved into a dynamic force driving digital transformation in Lebanon, Nigeria, Sweden, and beyond.

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of software development has led us to create our own platform, the G8T Platform, designed to adapt seamlessly to your unique needs. We believe that technology should empower, simplify, and enhance operations, and our platform reflects this philosophy.

At G8T Solutions, innovation is in our DNA. We take pride in developing tailor-made solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. Our team of highly skilled engineers is dedicated to providing user-friendly, efficient, and customized software that aligns perfectly with your organization’s goals.

We understand that businesses today demand more than just software – they require strategic partners who can help them navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. Our suite of integrated applications collects and organizes data from various organizational levels, offering key insights and analytics to drive informed decision-making.

As we continue to pioneer advancements in software engineering, we are also actively engaged in the Internet of Things (IoT), unlocking new avenues for data exchange and collaboration among connected devices. Our commitment to security, scalability, and sustainability ensures that our solutions are built to withstand the challenges of the digital age.

Join us in this exciting journey of innovation and transformation. Discover how G8T Solutions S.A.R.L can empower your vision and help you achieve excellence in your industry. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our team, our values, and the extraordinary solutions we offer. Together, we can shape a future driven by technology and boundless possibilities.

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