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G8T Solutions S.A.R.L is a Lebanese software engineering company, paving the way for digital transformation since 2015. With expertise in software and hardware engineering, location-based services, and more, we offer tailor-made solutions that elevate your organization to new heights.

El Fulk - Municipality Management System

A modern web-based solution designed to transform the way municipalities and local governments manage their operations. This comprehensive system streamlines administrative workflows, enhances financial control, and promotes transparency. With modules covering budgeting, workflow management, document archiving, and more, it empowers municipalities to deliver efficient, citizen-centric services while maintaining accountability.

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TracTrix - GPS Tracking and Fleet Management

A state-of-the-art GPS tracking and fleet management system. It provides real-time vehicle tracking, geo-fencing, speed analysis, and comprehensive reporting. This system ensures vehicle and asset security while optimizing operations, reducing costs, and improving productivity. Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet, “TracTrix” enhances efficiency and minimizes risks associated with your vehicle investments.

What our customers says about us

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Our Journey and Values

At G8T Solutions, our journey began over a decade ago with a vision to revolutionize the software engineering landscape. Our core values drive our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client-centricity. We’re not just a technology company; we’re partners in your success. Explore our story and discover how our passion for technology, combined with a dedication to delivering tailored solutions, has enabled us to become a trusted name in the industry. Join us on a journey that’s all about empowering your organization for the digital future.

Our Comprehensive Solutions

Software Engineering

Harness the power of cutting-edge software solutions tailored to your organization’s requirements.

Hardware Engineering

Leverage advanced hardware expertise for seamless integration into your systems.

Location-Based Services

Transform location data into actionable insights with our geospatial solutions.

Software as a Service

Experience the benefits of cloud-based software solutions for scalable and efficient operations.

Public Administrations

Optimize administrative processes, enhance communication, and increase transparency.

Digital Transformation

Embrace the digital age with solutions that drive efficiency and innovation.

Public Finance

Streamline financial management and reporting for public sector entities.

Municipal Bylaws

Ensure compliance and efficiency in managing municipal regulations.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Integrated solutions for effective resource allocation and management.

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